Agenda – Physics 1

AP Physics 1 Summer Institute

In this week long institute we will be covering all of the essentials needed to teach the AP Physics 1 courses including the Curriculum Frameworks, Course Audits, and Exams. A significant portion of the week will focus on Inquiry Based Learning and establishing an AP Physics experience that maximizes student learning. Numerous practical tips will be provided throughout the week on teaching strategies, demonstrations, audiovisuals, computer-based learning opportunities and teaching resources. Participants will have opportunities throughout the week to ask questions and to share their own strategies and approaches with other participants.

The week will also include content reinforcement. Topics addressed will include selected areas that are especially problematic, as well as any other topics requested by participants. A number of experiments will be discussed, with a selection being conducted throughout the week as time allows.

Participants are asked to bring a calculator and laptop if available.

Planned Schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4


Introduction – Course and Exam Description

AP Classroom


COM & Momentum Magnetism

Charged particles in magnetic fields & Magnetism due to wires & Induction

Overview of the course

Exam structure / TOI and equations

Lab component

Video Analysis

Projectile Motion

SHM Torque and Rotational Motion

Electrostatics Equity & Access

Growing the program

MC Samples, scoring, and strategies Torque and Rotational Motion DC Circuits: Kirchhoff’s Rules & Concept Inventories Waves & Fluids
Kinematics and dynamics Formative and summative assessments

Philosophy & Practices

Modern Physics
Introduction to Audit/Syllabus/Pacing Guides (Follow-up throughout the APSI) Energy & Gravity TIPERS Magnetism & Waves & Fluids labs and demos
FR Mechanics scoring with rubrics




Teaching strategies, Multiple Representations & Inquiry Based Labs Graphical analysis:

Linearization, etc.

RC Circuits

Work on/scoring electricity MC/FR Questions

Mechanics labs and demos Mechanics labs and demos Electricity labs and demos Administration end matters


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