Agenda – Statistics


Unit 1 Exploring OneVariable Data

1) Baseball Salaries: Do You Get What You Pay For? Page 1
2) Where Should We Locate the Office Building? Page  12

3) Ages of California’s ThreeStrikes Prisoner: A Normal Distribution Page 20

Unit 2 Exploring TwoVariable Data

4) Do Heavier Cars Use More Gasoline? A Linear Regression Page 25

5) Demystifying the Correlation Coefficient Formula Page 29

6) What Does the Coefficient of Determination r2 Tell Us? Page 34


Unit 3 Collecting Data

8) Two Sampling Methods: Biased or Unbiased? Page 60

9) How Does Stratifying Improve on a Simple Random Sample? Page 66

Unit 4 Probability, Random Variables

11) Rules and Definitions of Probability Page 80

12) Are Altitude and Precipitation Independent? Page 81

13) Will the Test Be Effective in Identifying Terrorists? Page 87

14) Means and Variances of a Random Variable Page 93


Unit 4 Probability, Random Variables (continued)

15) Performing and Explaining a Simulation: Is the Company Biased
Against its LeftHanded Employees? Page 103
16) Which Driver Will Have Jumper Cables So You Can Start Your Car? Page 117

Unit 5 Sampling Distributions

17) Online sampling simulations

Unit 6 Inference for Categorical Data
Potential Errors When Performing Tests
19) Power, Type I, and Type II Errors in Significance Tests Page 130

21) Should the Bank Hire the Agency? Page 141

Unit 7 Inference for Quantitative Data: Means

18) How Much TV Do College Students Watch? Page 124


AP Classroom

Unit 8 Inference for Categorical Data: ChiSquare

22) GoodnessofFit and Independence Page 145

Unit 9 Inference for Quantitative Data: Slopes

23) Predicting a Final Exam Score Based on the Last Test Score Page 158

24) The Linear Regression tTest Page 164

Evaluations, Summary and WrapUp

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