Art and Design – Barbara Sunday

Barbara Sunday began her teaching career in Jamaica, West Indies, and taught AP Art at Sentinel Secondary School in West Vancouver, Canada, for many years. Barb is also an experienced elementary teacher, has served as a District Art Coordinator, and has lectured in Art Education at both The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.  Barb has served as President of BCATA and has presented a range of workshops for BCATA, CSEA, and NAEA.

Barb has been an AP Art & Design Reader for 20+ years and has served as a Table Leader at the Reading for 4 years.  She has given numerous AP and Pre-AP workshops across Canada, in the Western US Region, and internationally for MAIS, NESA, EARCOS, AISA, and ASIJ. She has presented summer institutes in Detroit, Vancouver WA, Las Vegas, USD, Bellevue, Hawaii, Chicago, Las Vegas, Victoria, West Vancouver, Vancouver WA, Toronto, UBC, Dominican University, and Boise. Internationally, Barb has presented AP Art and Design sessions for teachers at events in Manila, Bangkok, Monterrey, Shenzhen, and in Berlin. Recently, Barb has presented online sessions through the AP International office.

Barb has been the recipient of the NAEA Pacific Region Art Educator of the Year Award, the Canadian Art Educator of the Year, the BCATA Art Teacher of The Year Award, and BCATA honorary life membership in 2020. She has given several short and full-day sessions for the Annual Advanced Placement Conference and has served 3 years on their Steering Committee.

Course Description: APSI – Sunday section, Art and Design

 While covering the required workshop topics, this institute for AP Studio Art and Design teachers will explore all three portfolio types: 2D Art and Design, 3D Art and Design, and the Drawing Portfolio. The following outline for the four days is based on the rubrics for scoring and will model the sequence used at the Reading.

Emphasis will be placed on developing practical classroom delivery strategies for both the Sustained Investigation (SI) section and the Selected Works section (SW). During our time together we will review a range of student samples for each portfolio type, experience scoring student work, as well as include several studio sessions. There will be participant choice of portfolio type to best fulfill the needs of individual teaching assignments, experience, and personal expertise/interests.  The intent of the studio sessions is to model the formation of an inquiry-based investigation while exchanging best practice and classroom management strategies.

Sketchbook and process documentation ideas, together with approaches for the different kinds of required writing will be key to our work. It is anticipated that since each participant will choose specific and different ideation for the sketchbook/ Sustained Investigation initiation, a presentation of samples ready to use with your students will be created and shared.

Besides the College Board Materials, a handout will be provided, and a range of student samples/scores will be available for copy. A letter with more specific details will follow closer to our date.