Biology – Agenda

Join us August 2020 for a comprehensive institute that will provide information and experiences in the best practices for teaching of your AP Biology course. We will use much of our time during the week to develop a deeper understanding of the AP Biology Curriculum Framework, while developing rigorous lessons, activities, and investigations to support the learning objectives for your course. We will dive into the needs and learning of an AP student while discussing the importance of metacognition in the classroom as well as the use of formative assessment for students to develop ownership over their own learning. The benefits of student-centered instruction will be presented along with activities and strategies to support inquiry-based learning.

Teachers will be introduced to AP Biology level lab investigations and learn how to organize the course in order to balance discussion of content material as well as time to “do” science. We will discuss how the Science Practices can be incorporated into daily lessons to ensure that students have the skills as well as the content knowledge in order to be successful on the AP Biology Exam. Format of the AP Biology Exam will be discussed as well as specifics of the 2020 AP Exam grading. We will practice scoring FRQs with the official rubrics and develop a list of tips that students can use to prepare them to successfully answer the Free Response Questions.

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