Calculus – Agenda

AP CALCULUS AB OREGON APSI                                                  
Eliel Gonzalez, Instructor

AUGUST 2023                                          


Introductions and Welcome

Mathematical Practices in AP Calc AB

Course at Glance (8 major units)

Course Exam Description: Units at Glance, Unit Guides (topics, pacing, skills, big ideas) and Learning Objectives

Pre-Calculus, Access, Placement, Graphing Calculators

AB EXAM Overview:  format, scoring, sample exams


Motivation in AP Calc:  Building A Successful AP Calculus Program – Expectations

AP Calculus Textbooks/AP Central/Resources

Assessing Student Learning in Calc AP

Content, Planning, and Teaching/Learning and Instructional Strategies:

“Particle” Problems/Motion (units 4 and 8)

Related Rates and Implicit Differentiation (units 3 and 4)

Resource Materials for Teaching AP Calculus


Slope Field and Differential Equations Clinic (unit 7)

Teaching Area and Volume (unit 8)

Teaching the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (unit 6)

Riemann Sums (unit 6)

Average Rate vs. Average Value (units 1 and 8)

L’Hopital’s Rule (unit 4)


Continuity and Differentiability  (units 1 and 2)

MVT, IVT, EVT Theorems (units 1, 5)

Relative Extrema, Absolute Extrema (unit 5)

Global Review for AP Exam (Free Response/Mult Choice)

AP Exam 2023/Free Response/Other Free Response

AP Community:  Online Formative Assessments/Personal Progress Checks/AP Classroom/Scoring FRQ/Instructional Planning Reports


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