Chemistry – Agenda

Tentative Outline of Topics for AP Summer Institute

Jennifer Cook Gregory –

Day One

Focus: Introduction to the New Course, Exam, and Guided Inquiry, Big Ideas #1 & 2


  • Distribute workshop materials
  • Discuss goals for the week
  • Discuss the Curriculum Framework for the “Redesigned” Course
  • AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework Activities – Big Ideas, Learning Objectives, Science Practices, Exclusion Statements
  • The Audit Process & Syllabus Development
  • Access and Equity (part 1)
  • Intro to the Learning Cycle
  • Do 2 of these labs – time permitting
  • Investigation #1/2 – What is the Relationship between the concentration of a Solution and the Amount of Light Transmitted through the Solution?
  • Investigation #5 – Chromatography
  • Investigation #6 – What’s in That Bottle?

Day Two

Focus:  Inquiry; Big Idea #3 & 5


  • Go over HW
  • Wrap up Big Ideas 1 & 2 – Atomic Structure; States/Bonding/IMFs
    1. PES
    2. Mass Spec
  • What is Inquiry?
  • Format of the Exam/Understanding the Exam
  • Discussion about Big Ideas #3 & 5 – Reactions and Thermochemistry
  • Review past AP Chemistry Exam Questions
  • Petri Dish Electrolysis Lesson
  • Do 2 of these labs- time permitting
    • Investigation #8: How Can We Determine the Actual Percentage of H2O2 in a Drugstore Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide?
    • Investigation #12: The Hand Warmer Design Challenge: Where Does the Heat Come From? OR Other Thermodynamics Labs


Day Three

Focus:  Big Idea 4


  • Go over HW
  • Discuss Questions on Redox and Hand Warmer Labs
  • Guided Inquiry in the Classroom/Access and Equity (Part 2)
  • Achievement Level Descriptors
  • Using the Curriculum Framework to Design Instruction
  • Guided Inquiry Kinetics “Chem Quest”
  • Discussion about Big Idea #4 – Kinetics
  • Look at past AP Exam  questions
  • Do one or both of these experiments – time permitting
    • Variation on Investigation #10: How Long Will that Marble Statue Last?
    • Variation on Investigation #11: What is the Rate Law of the Fading of Crystal Violet Using Beer’s Law?

Day Four

Focus: Big Idea 6

  • Go over HW
  • Wrap up on Kinetics Labs
  • Instructional Design & Assessment
  • Formative vs. Summative Assessments including the Lab
  • Discussion about Big Idea 6 – Equilibrium
  • POGIL Equilibrium lesson
  • Practice writing questions in the AP format – Big Ideas 1-6 (done in groups and shared)
  • Do one or both of these labs – time permitting
    • Investigation #16:  The Preparation and Testing of an Effective Buffer: How Do Components Influence a Buffer’s pH and Capacity?
    • Investigation #13:  Can We Make the Colors of the Rainbow?
  • Participant sharing of materials and websites & exam preparation strategies for students
  • Review and Test Prep Materials
  • What to Do after the Exam?
  • Week in Review

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