Chemistry – Agenda

Topics to be covered will focus on content, based on his experience as a Reader, that most students have difficulty understanding. These topics include:

Periodicity and Atomic Structure

Bonding and Molecular Structure


Intermolecular Attractive Forces


Aqueous Equilibrium

Chemical Kinetics


Teachers will use guided inquiry activities during the non-laboratory portion of the summer institute as exemplars of how to incorporate inquiry into the classroom. Teachers will use these activities to help acquire a more fundamental understanding of the topics listed above. Many of the problems that have appeared on recent AP examinations that have challenged students will be discussed. The 2019 AP Chemistry exam will also be covered in detail.

In laboratory there will be a mixture of hands-on experiments and particulate level computer based experiments to further support the topics listed above. During the hands-on portion teachers will have access to graphing calculators and probe-ware for data collections and analysis. Experiments will be selected from the recommended experiments listed in AP Chemistry Course Description, and many will utilize an inquiry format. Laboratory experiments/activities will cover equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics and electrochemistry.

Prior to the APSI participating teachers will be expected to access a web site to provide input into the content that should be discussed and to also complete a number of online activities. These explorations will provide important prior knowledge to help determine the content to be covered in the APSI. The address of the web site will be e-mailed to the participants at least two weeks before the APSI. (Please be sure the e-mail that you provide is one you will check throughout the summer.)

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