Macroeconomics – Agenda

Course Outline and Description Macroeconomics

The Summer Institute is designed to present an overview of the Macroeconomics Course. The week will begin with general information about the College Board*, its website, resources and expectations for the course itself. The course will focus on lessons to help teach the principles of the economic system as a whole in Macroeconomics. The basic concepts that deal with production possibility curves and supply and demand will be covered. Special focus will be on national income and price determination and how economic problems are solved via Fiscal and Monetary Policies. Teachers will be able to participate in interactive lessons that enhance student learning of Macroeconomic concepts. Teachers will also be engaged in the process of grading Free Response Questions and be able to apply the College Board* Rubrics to the latest exams released by the College Board*.


Day 1    Focus on AP Materials and Structure a pacing guide for the course

Basic concepts of Production Possibility Curves and Comparative

Supply and Demand

Day 2    Economics Statistics

Gross Domestic Product, Real GDP

Unemployment and calculating unemployment rates

Constructing Price Indexes

Day 3    Aggregate Demand and Supply

Recessionary Gaps and Inflationary Gaps

Phillips Curve

Day 4    Fiscal Policy

Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve

Tools used to fight inflation and recession

Day 5    International Trade

Exchange Rates

Current AP Exam FRQs

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