Economics (Macro-Micro Combined) – Nora Seager

My name is Nora Seager and I have been teaching for the last 26 years. I consider myself lucky to be allowed to teach Economics every day. My education background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Professional Diploma in Education.  Prior to teaching, my professional experience includes work as a Certified Public Accountant and Director of a Non-Profit.  At that point, I returned to school and completed a Professional Diploma in Education and began teaching. 

I have been teaching Advanced Placement Economics for 23 years. I have been an exam reader for 19 years and within those years moved up to leadership for 13. This is my 8th year serving as a consultant and working with teachers each summer. Additionally, I served as the College Board Advisor on the Test Development Team from 2019 – 2022. Typically, I teach five sections each semester of AP Macroeconomics at University High School located in Irvine, Ca. 

In 2022, my school changed our schedule for the third year. The school year included adapting more of the AP Classroom videos, live lectures and more problem sets in class.  After 24 years with the same schedule, changing up lessons to fit in a shorter anchor day class and longer block day lessons provided an opportunity to explore new content from College Board and other teachers from across the country.

At the APSI, my goal is to introduce participants to the economic content but also the amazing resource the College Board is for you and future professional development. Another goal is to share the multitude of online resources available to educators as we all continue our journey of lifelong learning. With the mix of new and experienced participants, please come and plan to share one of your best practices with the team.

See you in the APSI, “Economics is everywhere.”  Let’s go find your favorite place!