Environmental Science – Marian DeWane

Currently teaching Environmental Science for UCLA, Marian DeWane specializes in inquiry-based science both in the classroom and the lab, using the Science Writing Heuristic (SWH) to increase learning, and strategies to help students learn. Her methods help prepare students in college courses, high school courses, and pre-AP courses to be successful. She holds B.S, M.S, and E.D. degrees. The bulk of her career has been teaching AP courses including AP Environmental Science since its inception in 1998. She has taught the course through service learning and getting students involved in community projects. She also taught AP Chemistry and AP Physics. A leader in educational methods, she also mentors’ teachers. She has been Teacher of the Year and has her National Board Certification.

She was chosen as a Presidential Scholar Teacher in 2001, 2004, and 2009 and was awarded by President Obama the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching in 2009. She is a National Leadership Trainer in the Sciences for the College Board.  She has authored or coauthored several resources used by teachers in AP Environmental Science. She has also been involved the changes for AP Environmental Science and has been involved writing exam questions.