Agenda – Government and Politics – US

Welcome to AP United States Government and Politics!  This newly revised AP Government United States Politics session will prepare teachers to teach a semester-long revised course that will not only prepare your students for the May exam but broaden their excitement and interest in the American political system. During our week together, we will work on pacing tips, explore writing strategies for the free response section, and share AP-ready curriculum, lesson plans and exam questions to meet your student’s diverse needs. In addition, we will incorporate and share appropriate tech-ready activities that will broaden your teaching approach to AP Government and allow your students to work together on fun projects and test-prep games. Participants will also have the opportunity to score and discuss sample essays from all four prompts of the current exam, and discuss scoring issues, rubrics, readers’ insights, and how to help students succeed in all sections of the exam. Finally, we will thoroughly cover each unit of the newly revised course: important vocabulary and concepts, scope and sequence, level of difficulty, and innovative approaches to the new curriculum. By the end of the week, participants will gain confidence in their ability to prepare students for the rigors that an AP curriculum demands.

Class preparation:

Participants should bring

●     A laptop computer (you will need/recieve internet access to access Drive files)

●     Lesson plans they wish to share

●     A copy of your school’s academic calendar

●     A copy of the textbook you will be using next year

Download the full agenda as a PDF

University Credit: Those wishing to earn university credit for the workshop will complete a unit of study in one of the content focus area. The unit can address a theme throughout the course or a chronological era and may include objectives, materials, lesson plans, and assessments.