Government and Politics, US – Agenda

Day 1


-name placards with Am. Gov. experience

-Four groups to examine 2020 FRQs

What do students have to KNOW to answer question

What do students have to be able to DO to answer question

Why redesign?

Any Changes for 2020-2021?

-training slides

-What are the key take-aways?

-Course Content – pages 19-23 in course guide

Lesson 4: – Understanding and using the Unit Guides


Required documents – pages 28-29 in guide

Required Supreme Court cases  – pages 30-31 in guide

Lesson 5: – Spiraling – pages 50-51 in workbook

-four groups for spiraling exercises – workbook pgs. 52-55

Unit Guides for 5 units – pages 38-126 in course guide

Lesson plan work time

Homework: Write a 150 words or less Precis for Letter From a Birmingham Jail

Day 2- Questions, concerns, take-aways

-Group work on Letter From a Birmingham Jail



-My resources —

Planning your course – Lesson 6: (appendix C)

Lesson 7: – in 4 groups (different from yesterday)

Instructional Approaches – page 139 in guide

– in groups do pages 61-66 in workbook


-Unit pacing guide (starting on pg. 38 in notebook)

-Other resources besides textbook

-National Constitution Center

Lesson 8: National Constitution Center

-Brutus lesson

Lesson 9: Reading and Analyzing Required Documents

pair share – page in workbook

-chunking Federalist 10 (four groups)

-share results

-how to teach other documents

Lesson plan work time

HOMEWORK: – Read and prepare to discuss one of three cases

Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969) (Appendix K)

Texas v. Johnson (1989) (Appendix L)

Snyder v. Phelps (2011) (Appendix M)

Day 3 – Questions, Concerns, Take-aways

Lesson 10: Analyzing and Interpreting Visuals

-page 79 in workbook

in groups of 3 do page 83 in workbook

Lesson 11: Analyzing and Comparing Supreme Court Cases

-Jigsaw exercise from last night’s homework

-pages 89-103 in workbook


-Classroom Simulations/ any films

-Lesson 12: Analyzing Qualitative Data

-Lesson 13: Connect and Apply Concepts

Lesson plan work time

HOMEWORK:  Be prepared to share a favorite lesson you taught last year: Participants do not need to have a copy of the lesson.

HOMEWORK: Tomorrow, during lesson on argumentation, be prepare to do the following:  Using two pieces of evidence, state a claim or thesis that explains which of the following is most responsible for the expansion of civil rights and liberties: social movements, an activist Supreme Court, or a motivated legislature. The evidence should come from the following: Letter From a Birmingham Jail, Federalist #51, or Article 1 of the Constitution. Additional evidence can come from the study of judicial action or the legislative process.

Day 4 – Questions, Concerns, Takeaways

Lesson 14: Writing an Argument Essay like a Political Scientist

-share homework assignment

Share and Analyze your “favorite lesson”; where does it fit?

Lesson 15: Formative and Summative Activities and Assessments


Lesson 16: Applied Learning: Research or Civics Project


-what is required

-can we use what is provided


-how do kids sign up for your course

-our responsibilities in getting students ready to take AP

-Sample read from sample test:  FRQ #4

-Closing questions, thoughts


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