Physics – Agenda

Day 1




Format of AP exam

Curriculum Framework

Math Requirement

Analysis of 2019 multiple-choice

How to teach to the level of understanding on AP exam(inquiry)

Labs, demos (fluids lab)

Day 2

Questions and concerns from day 1

Focus topic:  Rotation

Syllabus Development/Audit

Pacing Guides

Standard Setting

Instructional Planning Report

Design of new labs-Inquiry based, argumentation, peer review

Rotation Curriculum Module

Lab (Rotational Inertia inquiry lab)

Day 3

Questions and discussion

New AP Classroom question bank

How AP tests are developed/scored (grading session)

Analysis of Physics 1 and 2 free response (2019)

Exploration of web sources especially PhET

AAPT, publications and information

Book discussion

Video analysis tutorial with waves

Lab (Optics inquiry lab)

Day 4

Questions and discussion

edX lessons for review

New College Board workbook for Physics 1

Important vocabulary, equipment, concept level formation for students.

How to review for the test, variable problems, units, sig figs

Lab (Waves inquiry lab)


Wrap up

For participants:

Please Bring

Computer if possible

Graphing calculator

Graph paper, pencil, ruler

Textbook presently used

2019-2020 school calendar for planning

Your favorite demo or lab idea to share

Your enthusiasm

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