Statistics – Chris True

Chris True has been teaching AP Statistics and AP Calculus in Nebraska since 1998. He has served as an AP Statistics reader, table leader and a member of the rubric team for the past 16 years. He has presented dozens of AP Statistics Summer Institutes, College Board workshops, AP Annual Conferences, National Math and Science teacher trainings and student study sessions. He has also presented at several regional, national and international Texas Instruments conferences. He has served as the Director of Mathematics Programs for the National Math and Science Initiative. He taught Multi-Variable Calculus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he also served as a coach and mentor to the graduate teaching assistants who are teaching the recitation sections of Calculus I and II. He has taught Calculus I and a Statistics course for PhD Nursing students at Nebraska Wesleyan University. He currently teaches Statistics at the University of Arizona. In addition to teaching, he has served as a co-author of an online Statistics textbook for Cengage Publishing, writes AP Statistics questions for UWorld and has worked as an AP Calculus and AP Statistics curriculum consultant for Propel Educational Strategies.

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