US History – Agenda

Workshop Agenda

In addition to covering the lessons in the multi-day workshop handbook, we will spend ample time reviewing the sample essays from the exam scoring.  Scoring accurately and efficiently is a priority for new and experienced AP U.S. teachers.  During the institute, participants with have the opportunity to create and share a set of multiple choice questions.  They will also be added to a Google Drive folder with a myriad of resources, including a vast test bank.  Copies of most major textbooks will be provided to the participants.

Day 1

Introduction, Class Management

Lesson 1: Historical Thinking Skills

Lesson 2: Developing Student Understanding

Lesson 3: Understanding the Structure of the Curriculum Framework

Multiple Choice Breakdown

Audit and Syllabus Review

Day 2

Lesson 4: Analyzing Evidence: Content and Sourcing

Lesson 5: Analyzing Secondary Sources

Lesson 6: Making Connections: Comparison, Contextualization, and Synthesis

2019 DBQ Samples

2019 LEQ Samples

Day 3

Lesson 7: Chronological Reasoning

Lesson 8: Creating and Supporting Historical Arguments

Lesson 9: Sequencing the Course

2019 Short Answer Samples

Note-taking Strategies

Setting Goals and Creating a Plan for the Year

Day 4

Lesson 10: Selecting Resources for the AP U.S. History Course

Lesson 11: Strategi9es for Teaching the Course

Lesson 12: Assessing Student Understanding

Sharing of Best Practices

Planning for 2019-2020

Ideas for What to Do After the Exam

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