World History – Agenda

APSI Syllabus and Agenda for AP World History: Modern

Summer 2020


Presenter information:

Sean Harris-Campf, College Board consultant and AP World History teacher at Holy Names Academy, Seattle, WA

Email address:

Learning Outcomes and Course Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Align your instruction with the goals of the AP course.
  • Identify the skills and knowledge that the exam will assess and identify the tasks and materials for which students might need more preparation.
  • Draft a syllabus that meets the curricular requirements for the course.
  • Make equitable access a guiding principle in designing instruction.

Updates 2019-2020

The AP World History course was updated for the 2019-2020 school year.  The new AP World History: Modern test will address content from 1200 CE to the present.  This workshop will address all of these changes.  The workshop will also take advantage of the samples from the 2020 AP reading to explain how the changes to the course were reflected in the AP test.

Suggested Materials

There are no required course materials beyond the material provided by the College Board.  The activities and resources that I will provide will be available online. Participants should bring a laptop to the workshop if possible.  The recommended supplemental textbook is:

Marks, Robert B.  The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Environmental Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-First Century, Third Edition, 2015.  ISBN: 978-1-4422-1240-4

The book is available directly from the publisher at

It is also available on Amazon.


Workshop Agenda

Note: The goal of the workshop is for every teacher to feel prepared to teach AP World.  To help meet that goal I will tailor the agenda to meet the needs of the participants in the workshop.  I will send out a survey about a week before the workshop to collect information, and then use that information to shape the workshop agenda.  I will also get feedback from participants during the week and amend the agenda as needed.


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3 Day 4

Understanding the course

·  Equity and Access

·  The AP mindset

·  Using the unit guides, themes and historical reasoning skills



Historical Argumentation


Unit planning for 1200-1450 CE




Test Strategies: Multiple Choice (MCQs)


Using student notetaking to improve test performance



Test Strategies: Short Answer Questions (SAQs)


Unit planning for 1450-1750 CE




Primary Source Analysis


Test strategies: How to teach the DBQ



Scoring the DBQ


Unit planning for 1750-1900 CE



Test strategies: How to teach the LEQ


Scoring the LEQ



College Board online resources

·  Personal Progress Checks

·  Test Bank


Syllabus creation and AP Audit process


Unit planning for 1900-present




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